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Character Midnight Bliss by simpleguyfa
Character Midnight Bliss
I give this for you free You can use it for MUGEN. :D

Character Midnight Bliss:
:bulletred: Athena - Party : Red, Green, Blue, Violet, Yellow
:bulletblue: Nakoruru - Celebration
:bulletyellow: Mina - Sexy Girl, Nude Girl 
:bulletgreen: Ingrid - Beach Girl, Christmas Girl, Pool Girl
:bulletpink: Rimururu - Female citizen
:bulletorange: Kula Diamond - Gray/ Sky Blue Frozen Girl 
:bulletpurple: Momoko - Singer
:bulletred: Hotaru - Female Centaur 
:bulletblack: Sophitia - Greek Girl
:bulletred: Eliza - Birthday Girl
:bulletblue: Michelle heart - Party, Bikini
:bulletyellow: Felicia - Nun
:bulletgreen: Lei Lei - Bikini, Human, Shadaloo Lei Lei 
:bulletpink: Sakura - Hakama, Bikini 
:bulletpurple: Morrigan - Blue, Green and Red British traditional dress
:bulletred: Karin - Blue/ Red Bikini
:bulletorange: Ling Xiaoyu - Blue/Orange Los Angeles Girl from Balrog's stage, Yellow Bikini
:bulletblack: Hinata - Waitress 
:bulletred: Yoko Ritona - Wild Girl 
:bulletblue: Jill Valentine - Casual Girl 

Hope you like it 
Thank you! :heart: 
Street Fighter Nida by simpleguyfa
Street Fighter Nida
I never know about this woman because she was not appeared in Street Fighter since 1994. I always wish I want new Filipino character for Street Fighter in the future, like Tekken finally have a Filipina character called "Josie Rizal". And Soul Calibur also have Filipina character too called "Talim". 

How did I find this woman?
---> As of now (June 30, 2015, 2-3PM) I tried to search Josie Rizal in Deviantart. I was curious I read some comments about her. I was really shocked I read his comment that he said "Too bad, Nida should be a first filipina in the Street Fighter, but she was dropped." Then I found her ! 

Nida was first Filipina of 
Street Fighter "Apresentando: o Furao" #3 since 1994 the creator made the story about Street Fighter comics, not game. 
:bulletred: Go to 
 Nida's Story
:bulletyellow: Go to 
Nida's General Information

:bulletred: Cover, Penciler: Don Hillsman II
:bulletblue: Writer: Len Strazewski
:bulletyellow: I
nker: Jeff Whiting
:bulletgreen: Other: Marcelo Cassaro

:bulletblue: Balrog
:bulletyellow: Dhalsim
:bulletblue: Guile
:bulletred: Nida
:bulletorange: Zangief
:bulletpink: Blanka
:bulletpurple: E. Honda
:bulletblack: Gouken
:bulletred: M. Bison
:bulletgreen: Sagat
:bulletblue: Ferret


I don't know why Nida didn't appear in Street Fighter game since 1994? What happened to her? maybe like Retsu, Joe, etc.. I hope Nida would must return to Street Fighter 5 or New Filipino character for Street Fighter 5 or next Street Fighter.

I am happy to see Nida for the first time now. I am interesting her! :heart: 
Hope you would like her too. Thank you :D
Cammy meets other girls by simpleguyfa
Cammy meets other girls
Cammy joined some game series but not much like Ryu because he is always famous he never be ABSENT or MISSING in Capcom matches other game series. Maybe Ryu is original fighter of Capcom for fighting. 

Cammy started to join Street Fighter II New Challenges :heart: I loved her so much. :D

I was happy to see her again when she joined next game series again (SFA3, SFA2Gold, X-Men VS Street Fighter, Street Fighter VS Tekken, etc...)

Too bad, I heard about new game is called "Marvel VS Capcom 3, Street Fighter III, etc... but Cammy was absent -_- I didn't know why she was not there. I really want her to join every game series. But its Capcom's decision if they add some character in next game. 

Hope you like it :D 
Thank you
LoveWins by simpleguyfa
As of June 26, 2015 is our Lovewins for celebrate Pride. 

:heart: I saw TV news about Love wins. I feel happy for everyone! I enjoyed to put these characters who joined "Love wins!" team.
Many lesbians and Gays are awesome!!! Very cool.. I know they have to respect each other as long as we love each other like brothers and sisters.

Capcom, Marvel, Darkstalker characters:
:bulletblue: Balrog - He doesn't want same sex couple. 
:bulletgreen: Hulk - He is not a gay but he wants to show off his big chest for gender. He also supports LGBT.. 
:bulletpurple: Strider - He never criticize them about being gay or lesbian, He understands them, he enjoys fun with them. 
:bulletwhite: Kyosuke - He is not a gay, he is a fan of LGBT. I made him funny :D
:bulletpurple: Morrigan - You already know about her? Well, I noticed her in the ending of Darkstalker she allowed her sister Lilith to suck Morrigan's body part (Maybe using her breasts or chest). Both of sisters who always love each other during game series.
:bulletpink: Birdy - She is really hot, I don't know if she is still lesbian but she can fit LGBT for sure. 
:bulletblack: Storm - She does same as Strider. 
:bulletgreen: Rogue - You remember her in X-Men VS Street Fighter? She did kissed everyone when she grabbed anybody. I didn't know why she liked to kiss everyone.
:bulletblue: Cyclops - He was really handsome when I watched X-Men Film movie. :)
:bulletblue: Captain America - He is not a gay but he really loves to support Gay marriage. You can check  Here
:bulletred: Vega - He said he is beautiful guy. :D
:bulletblack: Urien - I have no idea about him, I guess he needs to find his brother "Gill" maybe because he missed him. I put him in this image he is really sexy with Vega. :D
:bulletwhite: Makoto - She never wear the skirt or any dress. She prefers to wear the karate uniform.. She acts like a straight man. 
:bulletpurple: Pyslocke - Maybe she is half lesbian because she wore the first Ninja suit.
:bulletblue: Cammy - No! She is not lesbian, she is happy to support LGBT because there're legal same sex marriage in United Kingdom. :)
:bulletred: Rainbow Mika: She is really cute girl, she wants to be wrestler like Zangief  she is a fan of kind of wrestler. 
:bulletblue: Sakura - She is similar to Makoto but Sakura and Makoto are different. She is interesting to learn how to fight moves about Ryu.
:bulletgreen: Alex - I really like him, he is really hot and sexy! He is not a gay, he wants to support LGBT as Cammy does.
:bulletblue: Demitri - He really loves women, He is awesome! he made us thrilled when he turned enemies into women with Midnight Bliss. :D
:bulletblack: Jedah - He is not a gay or transgender. He turned into lady from Demitri. 

I hope you like it. :D 

:happybounce: La la la la Hug :squee: 


If you don't like this post, It is better to leave here. Thank you Boogie! Boogie! Boogie! 
Helicopter Sprite by simpleguyfa
Helicopter Sprite
I remake the big helicopter size to SFA Character from original helicopter is small. :D

You can use it for free :D
Hope you like it :heart: 


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simpleguyfa's Profile Picture

(Beginner) Sign Language Level Stamp by imakocoaFilipino Lang - Intermediate.. by xXMoonXWalkerXxUSA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-designBT EN Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design
I am Deaf Guy • Philippines (Me) • USA (Capcom) • UK (Cammy)

Hello Everyone, I am Filipino Deaf Guy I can't hear the sound I mean I am disability. I can draw anything... its ok if drawing is not good, I don't ever care about line quality but It's funny. I used mouse I don't have pen table I can't afford to buy this.

:bulletred: Deviantart Name: simpleguyfa
:bulletred: Gender: Male
:bulletred: Relationship: Single
:bulletred: Birth Month: Aquamarine
:bulletred: Language: English and Sign Language
:bulletred: Ethnics: Asian
:bulletred: Country: Philippines


Cammy is my favorite character:

 streetfighter capfgt cammy deltaredt winstand


:bulletgreen: Name: Cammy White :heart:
:bulletgreen: Citizen: English
:bulletgreen: Birthday: January 6
:bulletgreen: Sign: Capricorn
:bulletgreen: Year: Tiger
:bulletgreen: Blood Type: B
:bulletgreen: Height: 5'4 (164 cm)
:bulletgreen: Weight: 101 lbs (64 Kgs)
:bulletgreen: 3 Sizes: B86 W57 H88  (33.5 - 22 - 24.5)
:bulletgreen: Body: Athletic
:bulletgreen: Ethnics: White
:bulletgreen: Eyes: Light Blue
:bulletgreen: Hair: Blonde
:bulletgreen: Delta Red Cammy Arch Enemies: Vega and Master Bison
:bulletgreen: Shadaloo Cammy Arch Enemies: Balrog, Juni & Juli, and Vega's enemies
:bulletgreen: Fighting Style: Special Forces
:bulletgreen: Like: Cats, Sleeping, Shopping
:bulletgreen: Dislike: Everything she sees when she is in a bad mood!

My story:

I was 9 nine years old and my brother played together and Super Street Fighter Turbo II on SEGA game. I didn't know I was not interesting these characters I saw Cammy appeared first in Super Street Fighter Turbo II. I really admired her so much because her two long braids were more attractive.
I finally decided to choose Cammy in select character. I really enjoyed to play as Cammy against my brother's Ryu fan. Until Now I can't forget everything about Cammy White.

Mood: Serious :|
:bulletblue: Listening to: :heartbreaker:
:bulletblue: Reading: Manga, Medical and Health, World Map, The Geography of World, Bible Revelation and News :bookdiva:
:bulletblue: Watching: Drawing tutorials, Youtube, Horror, Adventure and Action :teevee:
:bulletblue: Favorite Emulator: PlayStation Emulator, DreamCast  Emulator, GameCube  Emulator, ZNES  Emulator, Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator and N64 Emulator :juggle:
:bulletblue: Real Game: Playstation :D
:bulletblue: Playing: Super Street Fighter II The New Challengers (Cammy), Street Fighter Alpha 2 (Rose),  Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Cammy), X-Men atom of the Children (Psylocke), X-Men VS Street Fighter (Cammy), Marvel VS Street Fighter (Ken), Marvel VS Capcom (Morrigan), Marvel VS Capcom 2 (Cammy), SNK VS Capcom (Cammy), SNK VS Capcom 2 (Cammy), DarkStalker 3 (Morrigan), The Red Earth (Mai Ling), Street Fighter III 3rd Strike (Alex), Tekken 3 (Jin), Metal Slug 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, Crash Bandicoot 1, 2, 3 wrap, CTR and Bash, Resident Evil 0, 1, 2, Survivor, 3 Nemesis and Code Veronica.
:bulletblue: Eating: Bread, Dessert, Graham w/ Mango, Bilo-Bilo (Filipino Snack), Puto w/ Cheese (Filipino Snack) Cake and Pizza :cake: :donut:
:bulletblue: Drinking: Milk :tea:

For me I am watching everyone's Newest Deviations like yours:

Cammy's in picture:

I like: :love:
:bulletred: Cammy is funny with cats.
:bulletblue: she fights against other girl.  
:bulletyellow: she wins!
:bulletgreen: she loves any guy as a friend.
:bulletpink: she hates Master Bison's enemies!
:bulletwhite: respect each other

I dislike: :angered:
:bulletred: Cammy is nude!
:bulletblue: she has biggest boobs!
:bulletyellow: she shows off her butt/ass in picture.
:bulletorange: she kisses and hugs Balrog or enemy!
:bulletgreen: she loses!
:bulletyellow: Every girl might kicked Cammy's ass!
:bulletpurple: she is attacked by anyone!
:bulletwhite: she get killed!
:bulletpink: she always bow Master Bison

3D Artists (XNALara):

Graphics Artist (Artwork):

My 1st DeviantART user who greeted me when I joined DeviantART: :D

My DeviantArt Founders:



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